KTP x PCT Professional Panel

Apr 4th, 2024, CCDS B64, 7-8PM

Undergraduate Research and Industry Internships: A Panel Discussion Featuring 3 Kappa Theta Pi and 3 Phi Chi Theta Members.

Join us to hear from brothers of Kappa Theta Pi and Phi Chi Theta who've had the chance to do work at research labs and esteemed companies. From interning to acquiring their full time roles, get the inside scoop on their recruitment process, experiences, and more. The dress code is business casual attire and we can't wait to see you all there!


About Kappa Theta Pi (KTP)

Kappa Theta Pi is the first strictly technology based professional fraternity in the nation to reach the BU campus. Activities related to KTP hold a primary focus toward building an active community of students with a shared passion for technology. A primary goal of KTP is to allow multiple technology-related specialties to be interwoven to assist all brothers in learning the various facets of tech to which they may drive their future careers. All brothers will be exposed to many forms of technology related occupations, internships, etc and will receive guidance in class scheduling in order to achieve these future goals and reach their full potential.

Website: ktpbostonu.com

About Phi Chi Theta (PCT)

Phi Chi Theta is one of the largest co-ed professional business fraternities in the US. At BU, the Zeta Chapter of Phi Chi Theta has a strong focus in both business and technology. With brothers from a variety of colleges and majors, we strive to create a brotherhood that promotes professional development in a variety of industries, while supporting our core pillars of drive, teamwork, creativity, and diversity of skill. Brothers of PCT are exposed to a variety of industry opportunities resources, and guidance both academically and professionally.

Website: bupct.com


Victor Verma

Year: Class of 2025

Major and Minor: Mathematics and Computer Science, Data Science

Fraternity Role: KTP Director of App Committee

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant, BU Questrom School of Business

Description: Created a novel dataset documenting the education and work history of 150,000 U.S. State Legislator Candidates from 1967 to 2017. Engineered Python software leveraging the Google Search API, the ChatGPT API, Pandas, BeautifulSoup, multithreading, and rate limiting to collect and filter the biodata from 600,000 web pages and digital PDFs. Developed neural network, random forest, XGBoost, and k-nearest neighbors models achieving a 72% accuracy rate in classifying biodata outputs as true or false.

Eliott Dinfotan

Year: Class of 2025

Major and Concentration: Computer Engineering, Technology Innovation

Fraternity Role: KTP Brother

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant, BU College of Engineering

Description: My coding roots trace back to around fifth grade when I started messing around with Scratch, and I'm now proficient in many popular languages such as Java, C/C++ and Python. Since May 2023, I've researched memory hardware protocols with a Boston University/Brown University team, where I found a special interest in operating systems and microcontrollers. For the upcoming summer I'm interning with General Dynamics Mission Systems. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, exploring outdoors, and cooking.

Rohan Kumar

Year: Class of 2025

Major and Concentration: Computer Engineering, Technology Innovation

Fraternity Role: KTP Brother

Position: Machine Learning Research Assistant, MIT Sloan and BU ECE PeacLab

Description: At MIT Sloan, I worked on building neural network and tree-based models for predicting patient readmission into a hospital system, and optimizing physician schedules to maximize patient demand and time efficiency. Currently helping to build a system to pipeline data from a hospital’s medical record database to machine learning models used to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. At BU PEACLab, I am building ML tools for cloud platforms. Currently working on software package discovery using tree-based modeling, as well as telemetric anomaly detection and root cause analysis on that anomaly.

Sharon Zou

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Computer Science

Fraternity Role: PCT Brother

Position: Software Engineering Intern at Microsoft

Description: I'm a two-time SWE intern at Microsoft. I validated ML models on the Viva Glint Data Analytics & Insights Team during my first summer and then implemented post-meeting highlight emails on the Viva Engage Teams Q&A Team the following summer.

Elaine Leiyoung

Year: Class of 2024

Major and Minor: Computer Science, Economics

Fraternity Role: PCT VP Of Technology, VP Of External Development, VP Of Recruitment

Position: Hybrid Cloud Data Engineer Intern at Nutanix, Incoming Engineering Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Description: Worked on an audit events portal for their hybrid cloud file system. I worked on adding support for AWS s3 object stores within that portal. I'm planning on attending graduate school after my Goldman Sachs internship.

Jinyoung Bang

Year: Class of 2024

Major: Computer Science

Fraternity Role: PCT Brother

Position: Software Engineer at Amazon, Data Engineer at WEBTOON

Description: I’ve interned at multiple companies, ranging from big companies to high-growth startups. At Amazon, I implemented SW development and ML life cycles for Alexa Notes. At WEBTOON, I developed a cold-storage backup platform from scratch and worked with production-level data ingestion, transformation, and aggregation pipelines that handle KPIs and business metrics.